About Us

In a Pepzee Realty building, you never have to worry about your home turning into just a place you rent. We own the buildings we manage, so we treat our tenants with the respect they deserve. Our buildings are always kept safe and clean, just like you want your home to be.
954 Sherwood
We make sure that your neighbors are honest, hardworking people so you can be comfortable in your rental. Coming home after being out in the world should be a pleasure. Your apartment is your castle where you should always feel welcome. 
If something breaks we are there to fix it, not two weeks later, but the next day! With our in-house maintenance crew and dedicated property managers, we make sure things never slip around the place you call home. We take pride in our buildings and expect you to take pride as well!
 472 Allwen
So, take a look at what we have for rent on the menu on the left and give us a call. Read the comments of our tenants. We bet you will end up moving into a place you will call home for years to come as you become more and more comfortable living in a Pepzee Realty building.

To see an apartment, contact us at: (937) 275-0001 or info@pepzee.com


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