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About Us

PepZee Realty of Ohio, established in 2008, is a family owned property management firm and real estate agency in Dayton, Ohio. We are committed to providing our tenants with affordable, clean, safe and stable housing. We never cut corners when it comes to making our tenants happy!


Here at PepZee, helping people is our passion. When you walk through our doors looking for a new home, we make sure we find something that fits your needs. Even if you’ve had housing trouble in the past, we believe in second chances. We know that happy homes lead to happy people.

Don’t worry about leaky faucets – our expert maintenance team is always on call and available for emergencies 24/7.


If you want a new place to live from a caring team that’s home grown here in Dayton, call us today and Love the Place You Live!


To see an apartment, contact us at: (937) 275-0001 or info@pepzee.com

BBB Logo A+PepZee Realty is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


Gary Zaremba


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMr. Zaremba has over 20 years’ experience in the Gary Zarembaproperty management and real estate development business. Mr. Zaremba is committed to creating safe, affordable housing. His responsibilities include making sure all Pepzee Realty apartments meet a high standard of excellence. He is also the owner of Artisan Restoration Group, a New-York-based building restoration firm. He has a Graduate Degree from Columbia University and an Undergraduate Degree from Emerson College. Mr. Zaremba is the proud owner of two lighthouses and looks forward to always having a beacon of hope shining brightly.

Neva Clark

Director of Operations

neva_5m7w_5dljIn charge of the daily operations of Pepzee Realty, Neva helps in managing the business maintenance department and rehabillitation of new home aquisitions. She has over ten years in the construction and rehab business. It is her job to make sure all the buildings stay in excellent conditon and that all apartments are kept in top working order. Before beginning her construction career, Neva was a regional manager for Burger King.


Brenda Mendizabal

Director of Management

brenda_rhrm_4oizBrenda has served tenants in the Dayton area for over seven years. As a local investor and landlord, she prides herself on providing better quality housing than most expect. Not only does she provide quality, but she puts faces with names that people can rely on to help answer their questions. She makes sure every building remains in top shape and that all tenants feel their apartment is their home. Brenda acts as a community liason, helping foster great relationships with community organizations and institutions that both house and help individuals in the area.