Property Management Services

The PepZee team knows what real estate investors want out of their property managers. We know because we’re investors ourselves.

PepZee is committed to providing investors with a fantastic return on their investment. We do this by:

  • Getting quality tenants who go through financial screenings , background checks and landlord verifications.
  • Keeping maintenance costs low by using an in-house maintenance team that handles everything from plumbing to pest control.
  • Responsible managers who have good relationships with tenants and are Dayton residents themselves.
  • Meticulous bookkeeping so you can keep track of your building’s performance.
  • A responsive and communicative team that will take care of any problem ASAP.

We know as an investor you want to make money and breathe easy. At PepZee, we get the job done, make sure the rent is in our office on time, and let you sit back and get your cash flow.

Call us today at (937) 275-0001.replica rolex submariner